We carry an extensive line of janitorial supplies, all the way from liquid hand soap and bathroom tissue to floor cleaners and paper towels. 

If you have a big plant to take care of you can purchase all of your janitorial needs through us. How can buying this through a packaging company save you money? 

If you are ordering all of your warehouse needs through one supplier you’ll never have to worry about having a million suppliers to deal with which will save you a lot of time and TIME IS MONEY.

 Jumbo Bathroom Tissue 2 PLY

This is one of our biggest sellers. Our Generic 2 Ply Toilet Tissue is an excellent balance of strength, absorbency and economy. Did you know that only 25% of the World’s population uses toilet paper?!  WOW!

  • Jumbo Bathroom Tissue 2 PLY 8 Rolls X 1000′
  • Individual Wrapped 48 RLS/CS

 Facial Tissue

2 ply 100 sheet Facelle Facial Tissue delivers premium quality, with outstanding value.

  • 2PLY X 100/BOX (30BOXES/CS)

Kraft Single Folded Paper Towels

General Paper Single Fold Paper Towels are of premium quality, and ideal for commercial buildings and office bathroom use.

Each Single Fold has extra strength and durability that meets EPA guidelines.

General Paper Single Fold is easily disposable and serve the same purpose as drying hands, wiping windows, wiping face (facial), dusting and cleaning up spills and home-cleaning. This product is environment friendly.

  • Kraft Paper Towel Roll 8″ X 205ft (24 RLS/CS)
  • White Paper Towel 8″ X 205ft (24RLS/CS)
  • White Single Fold Paper Towel (16Packs X 250 Sheets)
  • Centre Pull Paper Towel Jumbo (6 RLS/CS)


General Purpose Cleaners

  • General Purpose Cleaner 4 X 4L
  • Glass Cleaner 4 X 4L
  • Citrus Hand Soap 4 X4L
  • Urinal Pucks 12 X 85 3oz 12 Dozens/Box